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 We help teams solve 5 critical problems... 

1. Lack of visibility across all projects



2. Too many meetings and email strings



3. Team dislikes project management tool



4. Inconsistent execution of projects



5. Feeling disorganized and reactive

 to give them the ability to... 

  • Know who's working on what


  • Help team get work done faster


  • Create a positive work environment


  • Feel organized and proactive


  • Show the value they deliver

 Problem #1 - Lack of visibility across all projects



  • Don't know who's working on what


  • Can't view/filter across all projects

  • Lack of accountability




  Solution - TRANSPARENCY   


Roll-up tasks across all of your team's projects with the flexibility to view & filter tasks on a single screen - a Board, Calendar, Table, or Timeline.





 Problem #2- Too many meetings and email strings



  • Bottlenecks to get approvals


  • Feedback is buried in email strings


  • Too many unproductive meetings


  • Difficulty showing value of work


  Solution - WORK IN CLOUD  


A 'system of record' to track projects, get feedback, expedite approvals, and show alignment to strategic objectives.

Task Cards with Comments

Notifications for Approvals

 Problem #3 - Team dislikes project management tool



  • Low user adoption of the system


  • Too complex and hard to use​

  • Poor user experience (UX) & design 


  • Need to update tasks individually


  Solution - THE RIGHT TOOL  


An simple system that your team will love to use. Spend less time managing and more time getting stuff done. 

Copy & Paste to Add Multiple Tasks

Edit Multiple Tasks at Once

 Problem #4 - Inconsistent execution of projects & tasks



  • Forgetting to do important stuff

  • Unclear who needs to do what


  • Stakeholders are not happy


  • Wasted time planning routine projects



  Solution - TEMPLATES  


Work with an expert advisor to standardize your processes and build templates for your repeatable work.

Expert Coaches To Help You

Customizable Project Templates

 Problem #5 - Feeling disorganized and reactive



  • Rushing to get work out the door


  • Stuff 'slipping through the cracks'​


  • Being reactive and putting out fires​




Standard Operating Procedues (SOPs) that define your process for how to intake requests, prioritize, assign, schedule, and approve work.

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See Priorities Across All Projects